Thursday, February 18, 2016

Adidas project highlights sports creativity

"I'm Here to Create" are films of Adidas' Sport16 Initiative.

The films feature female athletes--showing how they bring their own definitions of creativity to sports.

<--- EXAMPLE: French runner Julie Aubert. At 24, Julie began running through the streets of Paris, eventually getting her friends in on it. She created Mademoiselle Run, a digital tribe for women into running.

EXAMPLE: US Soccer star Morgan Brian. https://youtu-be/OTNbVxh-FZM. Morgan was essential to the US Women's Soccer Team's 2015 World Cup Victory. She's young--22--and doesn't let being on the stage with the top players get to her..she just has fun.

EXAMPLE: Brazilian volleyball champ Jaqueline Carvalho. https// Jaqueline led her team to double Oly gold in 2008 and 2012. She plays with reckless abandon, which has resulted in countless injuries and long periods of rehab.

EXAMPLE: Skater Julia Lipnitskaya. In 2014, Julia led Team Russia to the top in the Sochi Olympics, making her the youngest Russian Gold Medal winner ever. She is still just 17.

"I'm Here to Create" airs in more than 50 countries and will be seen at the Oscars, as it was at the GRAMMYs.

Putting it all together in sports may not be what first comes to mind in terms of creativity, but it does require creative drive and talent.

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