Thursday, January 10, 2013

Secret patterns of the universe--or a ditch

I got some of those new Earthscape stamps issued last October. These are pix taken from a couple of hundred feet above earth--or from space.

The scenes are natural, agricultural and urban.

The glacial one--pictured--is ice calving off Alaska's Bear Glacier.

There is also a subdivision pictured in another, little boxes.

I live in a little box--and believe me it looks better from space. I guess I could use a weed whacker.

The cliched idea is that there is unseen beauty all around us. Or at least pleasing sights. Can't really argue with that--and at least they did not doll up the slums of Rio or anything.

Oh--you can get these stamps if you want. Call (800) 782-6724. They are good forever. By the way, is this a creative idea--this forever thing--meaning your costs may go up, but you don't charge more?