Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Edible six-pack rings delight sea creatures

You've seen the awful pictures--deformed turtles that grew with a six-pack ring around the middle, or plastic taken from the stomachs of dead water creatures.

Thousands of birds, fish, and turtles ingest plastic waste that ends up in the ocean by the thousands of tons.

Now, Saltwater Brewery in Delray Beach, FL, has invented a biodegradable six-pack ring that can be EATEN by animals or even humans.

No poisonous after effects, no years-long entrapment.

The rings are made of wheat and barley byproducts of the beer brewing process. They are also compostable on land.

Hungry? People can even eat them--although they are not really a gourmet snack.

Since the rings are more expensive than the plastic ones, the inventors are hoping demand will increase and other brewers will use these, and thus the positive impact will justify the cost.

Hear that, Budweiser? The ocean you save may be ours.