Monday, February 11, 2013

Art can be an inch away

Magazine editor and art lover Nancy McKeithen has started a high-end digital magazine on the art and artists of West Virginia--yes, West Virginia, otherwise known for a rustic backwoodsiness.

It's called FLUENT and it's beautiful, like the woods and mountains that nurture the creative impulse and shelter and inspire the artists of the state. For a peek, go to

The paintings, sculpture, photography, music, and even chocolatiering that go on in the State of West Virginia remind us that creativity is everywhere, persistently nudging out of the human spirit.

I had a boyfriend from North Carolina, Jerry Newton--back in the "hollers," as he liked to put it. He is a fabulous artist, if that doesn't sound cmes from the heart, not from a stereotype of the surroundings.

Also--how brave and bold is it to start a gorgeous magazine?

Yay, Nancy!