Friday, February 6, 2015

Get out of your creative rut

Louis Foreman, CEO of Edison Nation and Edison Nation Medical, writing in, says inventors come in at least two types--those who spend years on a project and those who can suddenly conjure up a solution for a contest or to take advantage of an opportunity.

Yet, both types can come up empty at times.

Here are some ways to jumpstart yourself:

Foreman says there are two reasons people invent--to alleviate a pain or frustration using a product or to jump on an opportunity in the market.

To keep sparks coming, pay attention to how you interact with various products. Observe the intricacies. See how it could be improved. Think this way always. Ask yourself, "Why did that break so soon?" "Why is that so hard to open?"

You also need to identify trends or market opportunities. Go to trade shows, watch SHARK TANK on CNBC (my idea). Or catch Edison Nation, for that matter.

Surround yourself with creative people in a creative environment. Get constructive feedback. Mr Wonderful (Kevin O'Leary) on SHARK TANK often advises inventors to take the invention out back and burn it. Harsh shark snark, but constructive.

Good ideas take time and research. Control your expectations.

Know yourself and how your mind works. Keep a pad and pencil by the bed, TV and in your pocket. Write everything down--you think you will remember but you may not.  Or call your own voice mail and leave yourself a message.

Then wait and listen to yourself. There are ideas in there--don't miss them!