Friday, September 12, 2014

Creativity in dating--the old becomes new?

I can hardly believe the proliferation of "aids" to dating and mating. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, those phone apps that show a single person is standing next to you, apps that allow you to scroll through a pantheon of

I know a 40ish woman, divorced, 11-year-old son, who sometimes goes out for years with weirdos she met online or even--get this--met in person someplace!

They text--blah blah then he wrote yammer yammer--and finally they break up by text. Whew. Over...As the dentist says, "Who's next, please?"

Have you seen the Bravo TV "reality" show in which some NY singles go out with the people the viewers write in and choose? Well, the viewers are so often wrong! They don't know anything, either. One dater is a sort of sarcastic dentist with no game whatsoever--stammers like a schoolboy and not in a good way. Another is a not-drop-dead-handsome gay guy who is VERY picky about how gorgeous his dates are, although I thought one looked shady and creepy.

Also on this show, if a date is not going well, one party just stands up, says sayonara, and leaves. You can't finish your veggies--talk to someone for an hour?

Or the Millionaire Matchmaker--dear old Patti knows all and fixes all, scattering the swear words. I hear her latest crush has a record. In one of her shows, the millionaire whips out his apparatus and pees behind a bush. I have had some bad dates...but that was...well...

You now what would be creative? Ask a woman to dinner. But be sure she eats meat--this can be an issue.

No zipline, horseback ride, picture painting, cooking class--just dinner. You've heard of it? Food, talk, maybe a goodnight kiss?