Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's a gift to be simple

According to the Wall Street Journal's Holly Finn, the best new thing under the sun is a coffee lid with two holes--one to drink from and the other to let out aroma, cool the brew a bit, prevent dribbling, and make a latte taste better.


It's called the FoamAroma lid ( was invented by Craig Bailey, who found himself unemployed and decided to develop this little brainstorm.

He fooled around with it in his kitchen, tesitng liquid movement in the cup (it slants to prevent the "geyser effect"). He even used a different material, so the lids can be reused.

Now he holds the patent. Four million sold last year at one-cent each. He makes them in America-- Florida, to be exact.

Interesting side note: Craig Bailey noticed that baristas and coffee shop owners drank from ceramic cups--they didn't even know that lids varied and could dribble and annoy. They never used them!