Friday, January 11, 2013

He had an Ideo

As depicted on 60 Minutes,, David Kelley is a chatty fellow brimming with offbeat ideas about good design.

But the iconic news show also went a little fanboy over his friendship with the late Steve Jobs, who apparently groused at Kelley sometimes, urging him to do better. Kelley also had cancer--as did Jobs--but I was not sure where that fit in. I am sure Jobs did not mean that.

Kelley is the inventor of "design thinking." This means one person gets an idea and another adds or subtracts or hares off into something different. Sort of intellectual Zenga, but it sounded to me like brainstorming.

In Kelley's company, Ideo, though, this resulted in the basic shape of the computer mouse and many other housewhold items. I wish 60 Minutes had done more on that--but I didn't get the memo.

I have a mouse question. If it had been wireless all along, would it be called a lozenge? I mean--no tail, no mousiness.