Thursday, January 16, 2014

In the Hmmmm, I Don't Know Department

What is Star's motto? Right--Just because it can be invented doesn't mean it should be.

First in this category: Momdoms. These are condoms with a slip of motherly advice in each. Like a fortune cookie--only different.

The manufacturers say this will incite a discussion about s-e-x and how to make condoms more attractive. A word from Mom at that magic moment--a lot of people might find that ... awkward.

You decide at http:///

Second, Ishin-Den-Shin.This is Japanese for "what the mind thinks, the heart transmits." Disney Research has invented a way to make the body a sound transmitter. A computer connected to a handheld mic records the message, then transforms it into a sound loop that is converted to a high-voltage audio signal, then transmitted....Let's say a lot of stuff jumps from place to place...ending up at a person who can then touch another person and the sound is transmitted.

I am not sure on this one, are you? Couldn't the person hear it from the computer, not another person's activated finger? (H/T: Gizmag and WIRED)

Oh, well, I lack imagination, I guess. Did you hear that?