Friday, April 24, 2015

Bam! Product I saw on SHARK TANK won award

Everyone in listening distance of me knows I love the show SHARK TANK. Yes, I know the one or more hour meetings are boiled down to three or four in an hour. Sometimes deals are made--but then "severed." There is even a website where you can watch shows and podcasts about shows--google it.

Anyway, I do remember seeing the show where Drexel University student Christopher Gray got a deal for his phone app called Scholly, an app to put available scholarships, including tiny obscure ones, as near as your phone.

Now Scholly won the Cupid's Cup Business Competition hosted by the Univ of Maryland's Dingman Center for Innovation. He aced out 200 others and won $75K in cash.

In second place was GudNeSsBar, a startup out of Duke Univ that produces a nutrition bar to fight anemia in India.

Third place went to Cornell's SnappyScreen, a touchless sunscreen application system.

There was also an audience choice award--which went to Gym Supreme, a startup behind the Mega Bar home gym started by UMD students. A thousand people in the audience voted for it by text.

So keep thinking, smarties!