Sunday, October 12, 2014

Farm art in Wisconsin

Photo by Aaron Dysert
Wisconsin is a cool state (very cool in winter). My parents hailed from there, we went to a lake there every summer.

Octoberr 4-13, something called the Wormfarm Institute's Annual Fermentation Fest will be taking place i n Reedsburg.

Wormfarm, huh.

Accompanying this will be Farm.Art D Tour--a self-guided drive through Sauk County to look at "farm art."

This is partially supported by the US Dept of Agriculture and is aimed at publicizing the area for economic development.

The picture is only one of the pieces of art created on the tour.

Maybe your area could use an art makeover. Farms do not have to be duddy--the talent is probably lurking all around you.

Food for the eyes, food for the soul--as well as for the tummy.

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