Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Have a startup weekend

There is an idea--pardon the expression--going around. Why not interest fellow head whackers in a startup weekend?

You could advertise it on Craigs maybe--or in a press release in the paper--or on Linked In's many creativity groups--or Facebook.

It could even be in someone's home. Everyone will make a "pitch" of their idea. Maybe others would join your "startup."

At very least, you will learn the flaws in your ideas.

Companies have started as the result of startup weekends. Zaarly is one--a mobil app that tracks nearby sellers and allows users to bid on items.  Planely--something about airplanes-is another.

You will have to get out of your comfort zone (if you have one, I don't). This is because people will inevitably pounce on flaws. They are like that.

My idea is Valet Cat--where cute guys and gals in shorts bring heavy kitty litter bags to your car, saving you humping them through the store with your aching limbs.

At a startup weekend, I am sure someone would tell me to quit being so lazy.