Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bossy pen

It takes so much faith, time, money, and smarts to bring a product to market that I hate to be too snarky.

But sometimes I think items are a solution looking for a problem.

One example of either this--or of creativity in the extreme--would be the Lernstift--a newbie Austrian product.

The Lernstift is a pen that vibrates when the user makes a legibility error or a grammar error.

I have not tried it but it seems almost impossibly complex to detect in all sorts of handwriting what is being written.

Maybe I lack imagination.

What do you think?

This thing would drive me nuts. With my bad vision, my handwriting looks like I write with my elbow anyway--this thing would be shivering and shaking continuously.

Still, they do have computers that translate handwritten script, so who knows? For more info--