Thursday, October 2, 2014

What pumps up the creative?

Music! Music is tranformative--it zips right into our brains and changes mood and perception.

We all know this, so, naturally, this had to be studied. Would certain music make one more powerful--or at least feel  more powerful?

Athletes--many--listen to music before a game. Music pounds the stadium or field.

The study is explored in Government Executive, October 1, 2014.

First they had to find what music empowered and what did not. So they played participants some tunes and had them rate. The winners were Queen's WE WILL ROCK YOU, 2 Unlimited's GET READY FOR THIS, and 50 Cent's IN DA CLUB.

Then they had groups do tasks while listening to high or low power tunes. They took little tests that supposedly showed whether they were thinking "power" or bleh.  Say given, P--ER, would they say POWER or PAPER?

Then they tried to find out if the power listeners acted more powerfully. The power listeners were more likely to be gung ho to go first in a debate.

Does this stuff have utility in the workplace? Would it empower workers? Customers?

I  know I had to have three horrible eye operations and the surgeon played Neil Diamond through them all. I hate Neil Diamond now.

Do you get more ideas and work better with music?