Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ideas, ideas--get your free ideas

Ideas to Steal.Today is a website of creative leavings. These are ideas people had but didn't feel like developing--maybe you can do them one better. All brainstorms, great and small, are available for the taking. The site is not even copyrighted, no rights reserved, have at it.

The one drawback for me was it is done through Facebook. I don't Facebook. Bleh to Facebook. But I got the gist of some of the ideas at your disposal anyhow.

What I do for you people!

First, cartoon duct tape (Donald Duct Tape). Why not? Or maybe why?

There is some substance to clean undies of Skidz, which I guess is about what you would think.

There are work-related looking screen overlays you can have on while you read books at work.

There is a tweeting arrangement for your lonely, gabby hamster.

And, of course, a talking pregnancy test.

I guess I could contribute my idea--Valet Cat. Cute guys in shorts who bring kitty litter to the cars of aging cat lovers.