Monday, January 14, 2013

The Lost Studebaker

Article this morning in the Arizona Republic (paywalled, so I can't send you the url) on a display of model cars put on by the Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild. This was a contest for teenagers in the 1950s and 60s.

Many of the car-minded teens went on to work for the big car companies.

Legendary car design Harley Earl was a key player in this contest.

Harley Earl figures in a screenplay I cowrote with filmmaker Ross Stansfield.

So does famed industrial designer Raymond Loewy--who worked on many popular designs in the last century--including Studebakers.

Log line of our script: Three offbeat teens build the the car of the future with a little help from the masters of the past.

For more info on this story and on us...go to

The guy across the street from me has a shade tree business upholstering cars and often has fabbie vehicles parked in front.

Know anyone who loves cars and wants to make a movie? Someone rich?