Saturday, September 19, 2015

LEGOS bursting into the executive suites

This company needs new offices and a chopper.
You know LEGOS--those colorful blocks that hurt so much when you step on them with barefeet?

At our house--we used to call it "toy foot."

But, now, thinkers far more serious than I are using these little menaces to study "play"--even in adults.

"It's an engine...a language...a technique without content," enthuses one executive.

This from an article by Jenn  Choi in Nextgov Magazine, Sept 17. 2105.

Sometimes these executives will say, "Name one challenge that is preventing growth in your company and answer with LEGOS--you have four minutes."

This is called out of the box--out of the LEGOS box, apparently.

"The subconscious rules us," another executive says. This means, I guess, that translating the mental into the physical (the LEGOS) uncovers things you didn't know you knew.

This is now called LEGOS Serious Play--LSP.

For example, one challenge was to describe the difference between a manager and a leader--using LEGOS.

One participant built a wall between him and his colleagues--was he the manager or leader, though? I didn't get it.

Show me in LEGOS...oh, wait, you did.

I think sitting around, getting to know each other, laughing and building "things," is a good way to get some creative juices--and maybe even some corporate solutions--going.

So let's hear it for the Danish blocks! Just wear shoes, is my advice.