Monday, September 23, 2013

Repurposed, adapted--whatever--still creative

To be a handy invention, something need not be new from the blue. It can be the result of..."Hey, what if...?"

Example: A spoon with internal balancers to counteract the tremors from Parkinson's and other motor skills impairments.

My father's half sister had Parkinson's.  Once, when she was visiting, her fork tapped on the plate during the meal and my little brother started tapping on his high chair tray with his fork. We laughed, but it was awkward.

Tremors can also result in spills and embarrassment.

Now we have the handSteady cup and the Liftware spoon.

These feature small movements of the hand, much as your smartphone stabilizes to take a picture.

The Liftware spoon reduces the effect of tremors by 75%.

Check out

Someone thought, "Hey..."

That's where it all starts.