Wednesday, July 23, 2014

And today in creativity, we have....

Jibo, the social robot designed to become a member of your family.

A gizmo used by a Swedish art gallery to measure reaction to each piece of art and sell to the person who reacted the most.

A smart bookmark that tells writers if you have not been reading their book lately so the writer can tweet you and scold you. (I loved this one.)

Jeans made of denim chewed by by lions and tigers in the zoo.

A virtual pet for kids--OK, a keyboard--but if they won't walk and feed it, it dies.

A device to see if each of your cats is healthy based on a face print.

An insurance policy that gives you cash back if you buy health food.

There were more, too. Go to

Now, I am thinking combinations...

A Swedish gallery owner chewed by tigers.

A tiger face print to see if the beast is well enough to chew on an art purveyor.

An all purpose video of someone throwing a book out a window  to send to a nagging author.

Let me consult Jibo. I don't know what I would do without that little