Friday, March 15, 2013

Youngsters send tiny experiments into space

Coty Dolores Miranda, AZ Republic, Mar 15, 2013, says kids in the Kyrene de los Cerritos elementary school in Chandler AZ (where I live), made tiny experiments that fit inside a pingpong ball and grabbed the last slots to get into space courtesy of JP Aerospace.

The vehicles will be sounding rockets or weather balloons.

A parent sawed the pingpong balls in half to keep the experiments small.

One kid sent his father's dried blood on a towel to see how that fared compared with sitting around on earth.

Another child is testing the temperature variations on milk chocolate, dark chocolate chips, and a ball of wax.

A third kid is putting up some buckyballs to see if space changes their magnetic properties.

Will space make popcorn pop? yet another child is asking.

JP Aerospace, by the way, is all-volunteer, Check it out at

Pretty cool stuff, kids. Science Fair raised to whole new level.