Wednesday, January 7, 2015

From Coke to...water

Not water to wine...but
From Government Tech Magazine, December 2014, comes this weird little story.

Apparently Coca-Cola is easier to come by in some parts of the world than clean water.

So Dutch artist Helmut Smits, working with the University of Amsterdam's Synthetic Organic Chemistry Group, devised a distillation method to convert soda pop into water.

He calls it The Real Thing--the device, that is. The soda is boiled in the device, creating water vapor, which is funneled into a glass and mixed with minerals to make it safe.

The whole mess was exhibted at the Sense Nonsense exhibition in the Netherlands during Dutch Design Week.

Smits thinks of this as an artistic endeavor--to make people think. But maybe you can think of this as a practical way to make people drink. Thwim!