Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Creativity for the heck of it

Daniel Pink is author of Drive and To Sell is Human--and an authority on the changing world of work.

He is also what I call a white tiger talker--he strides back and forth as he speaks--like the white tiger in his moat at the National Zoo.

Check out this video, though... You probably won't get a sore neck, no guarantees.

Pink's point seems to be that employees and creative thinkers come up with their best stuff when not on the clock.

For the joy of it, basically.

He cites examples of artists--all their work is technically competent, but the non-commissioned output is deemed "better."

At Intuit, they needed to migrate to mobile, but before they could get a meeting going, their programmers knocked out some apps in the 24-hour creative period of the week.

The only rules for the work done at these free-for-all sessions at various companies? Not work-related, not grant-subsidized, and not boring.

Of course, the company retains a piece of the action--they aren't THAT altruistic.