Sunday, March 10, 2013

Watch out--here come the $marties

Peter Diamandis is the CEO of the X Prize Foundation (see Leonard, below). With the internet--he said in the Wall Street Journal, Jan 22, 2013, by 2020--we will have three billion more people able to communicate new ideas, people who would not have been heard before.

This amounts to tens of trillions of new technology--multiplied by artificial intelligence.

Ripe for rocketing innovation are biotechnology, computational systems, networks and sensors, AI, robotics, 3-D manufacturing, medicine, and nanotechnology.

Does your company have the right people? Do you have an emphasis on innovation? Incentives?

Bigger companies tend to be risk-averse, Diamandis says.

In a study done by the IESE Business School and Capgemini Consulting, only 42% of companies surveyed had an innovation plan. The desire to have this comes from the top, the CEO, according to 69% of those polled.

Still, only a quarter said the company's innovation efforts boosted the bottom line. Where does that leave us?

I would say innovation is still being innovated.

I read today about a guy who said every time he thought of something he wanted to do and there wasn't a way or an app, he got irritated. He said he felt entitled to have that ability then and there!