Thursday, March 27, 2014

Young does not mean smart

I think this notion got started in my heydey--the 60s. Never trust anyone over 30, etc. You notice that said--never TRUST, not ALWAYS BELIEVE PEOPLE UNDER 30. But because the electronics have gotten so arcane that only young people with time can master some of the subtleties, it persists that young kids are all-knowing.

Half the time, it's those same people who made everything unnecessarily convoluted.

In Ad News, Brendan Coyne says the genius behind Google Glass, Ed Sanders, saw people looking down at their phones and thought life should not happen while you are on your smartphone.

No, it should happen while you stare into the half-distance at some little gizmo in your glasses.

Then he said the fatal words--the most creative solution would likely come from the youngest person in the room.

Oh, take off your rose-colored Google Glasses, Ed! Maybe some completely unneeded hookup app for left-handed lesbians will come from some youngster. Or smells for your phone. Or even a way to fall in a manhole looking for a pizza joint.

But I promise you--things will begin to tilt back the other way. Your whole "life" is in your phone, you don't even know your mother's number, and you will lose your phone. You won't learn cursive and someone will send you a love letter.

I like the commercial Where Jack from Jack in the Box is asked about his watch. "Cool clock bracelet--did you invent it?"

Deadpan as always, Jack says, "No."