Sunday, March 1, 2015

How to make a happening video

Everyone wants to go viral or spiral or whatever. Let's pony up for some attention. But the bar is getting kind of high--not every piece of jiggly garbage will get the views.

Yoav Vilner, cofounder of, offers some tips on about how to make a good video.

Videos are useful for more than showing you bathing in Froot Loops--they can be used for marketing, product promotion, demonstrations, and even resumes.

Over to Yoav:

First, video is collaborative--there needs to be a director, producer, screenwriter, editor, music and sound person, and so on. During the making of the thing, you can compare notes on and add comments.

You also must be confident. Too often, people let fear of what others think stifle them. Trust your own instincts. As you get older, you will learn that many "other people" are idiots or wrong.

The camera is also key these days--most people are switching to DSLR cameras. These may look like a still camera, but you are really shooting video--and there are many special effects available.

Take risks! Great risks lead to great opportunities. Or heart-wrenching disaster--whereupon you need to make another risk.

And last, you must learn to edit or find someone who knows how. This person--or you--will know leaving a shot on two more frames makes a difference.

I wrote and coproduced a short that won a Telly in 1996. Things have changed a lot! But that was a fantastic experience. I wish I could do it all again...

Well, maybe I can. Never say never.

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