Monday, December 22, 2014

THE PROBLEM SOLVER: At last, "creativity" beer

A lot of people think getting a little tipsy quiets the "inner critic" and makes some people more creative.

Of course, the idea is to get just the right amount of "drunk" and not so blotto that every idea sounds good.

Enter the scientists--who have helpfully done the no doubt onerous research to determine that a blood alcohol level of 0.075% is ideal for creative problem solving.

So how to achieve this level? Glad you asked. There is now an India Pale Ale called THE PROBLEM SOLVER, designed to get the average person to that magic percentage.

Each bottle has a handy guide on the side to match body weight to how much you should drink.

Alas, this is available mainly in Denmark--Copenhagen to be exact. And in only one store there.

Maybe they better drink some and come up with a way to get this distributed more widely.

And now--a toast! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Blessings--pick your poison.

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