Friday, August 8, 2014

This paper robot folds itself

Hannah Newman, Next Gov, Aug 7, 2014, writes about a spawn of Harvard and MIT--a flat paper robot that folds itself and trots off.

This can be used for search-and-rescue missions, say in a mine. Or how about self-building shelters in disasters (when it can be scaled up)?

The scientists got the inspiration from origami. They took composite paper and Shrinky Dinks (plastic sheets that contract on baking). A microcontroller heats the hinges, which shrink, pulling the other parts into place.

One of the challenges was clearances--a commercial laser system worked to an imprecise enough level that the heat might touch other parts.

Also Shrinky Dinks are small. Now we need a better Shrinky Dink.

I like typing that: Shrinky Dink.

Pretty neat idea--now to perfect it.

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