Sunday, August 31, 2014

Creativity is great, but don't forget bitchiness

Okay, I admit it--I am a huge Project Runway fan (Lifetime TV). Thirteen seasons now, and counting.

I once made an olive green skirt in home economics--ugly as anything. I had a sewing machine, loaned it out, never got it back, and never noticed.

Although this show is completely "formula," with the trips to the fabric store Mood, the voiceover bitchy comments from one contestant about another ("I am so worried for Boris, sob sob--he has only made a skirt so far."). And, of course, the two-faced Tim Gunn wrinkling his brow over a design in progress, offering a suggestion, and if it is not taken, telling the judges, "I told him that."

Oooo--it is so much fun! Best hour on TV (not counting Sons of Anarchy).

But what is the takeway.  Well, sad but true--it's not the flirty dress made of ticket stubs or lettuce, it's the bitchy part--acing out other players, somehow being designated a top performer by the powers that be and thus protected, becoming the judges "pet" and other useful work skills.

Don't leave out the human side. You may have a better mousetrap, but you don't have to impress mice to get it on the market.

I have no idea what that means.

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