Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Got milk?

Sometimes creativity is whatever you say it is--and I say a story I read about milk in the University of Wisconsin alumni magazine was darn creative. It took the familiar and made it sing.

Check out:

As you know, Wisconsin is The Dairy State, to the tune of $26 billion a year. And the university owns cows. Yet, only 85 undergrads and 45 grad students come from farms.

But getting milk right is an obsession. DNA, big data--all are involved.

Most researchers are men, but one, a woman, is about to give birth and will actually experience their obsession with lactation and mammaries. She is obsessed with the latter herself, she says. Cows, it seems, put more calcium in their milk than they can take in, so they need serotonin to free calcium from their bones to their blood--this means they must "take" serotonin-based drugs. Some have been patented there.

This is just a little of the milk lore.

And did you know most adults are lactose intolerant--but they can still eat cheese. Many of the researchers cannot even have milk with their Oreos.

And--I did not know this--custom dictates that dairy cows' names begin with the same letter their mother's name started with.

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If this is for some stupid black market pill, you are not being very creative..