Saturday, October 19, 2013


That David Kelley guy of IDEO, the self-professed supercoolest creativity company EVAH, says he dislikes people in a room brainstorming--or braindrizzling--or whatever they kids call it these days. Too confined to idea people, I take it--you need to get out and see what "real" people need, want, and like.

Personally, I don't like "bundling" where on say, your phone service, you pay more to get rid of features. Clever on their part, irritating as fleas on meth on my part. And why can't we pay 50 cents a month for each cable channel we actually watch, including the movie ones?

No one asked me, nor as far as I can tell, anyone else.

So maybe Kelley--who is a little twee for my tastes--is on to something here. (I am not sure what "twee" means, I just like it.)

I want new colors--yes, there are 200 shades of red--but they are all red. OK--we are limited by the light spectrum. I hate that! New colors, I say! Like murk, maybe, or dazz.

Gravity is so handy for setting things down and expecting them to stay there. But not so great for human flesh. Not sure what we can do about that.

I am sick of the lightbulb as the symbol of creativity. And that box! We should lose that baby. Maybe a basket or muffin tin?

As for cliches--clams are not ecstatic that I can see (of course, I usually meet them in their chowder form). And "kick the can down the road"--let's can that kick until further notice.

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