Monday, October 7, 2013

How to make money from an idea, without the risk

You know my great idea for aging people--drive-through kitty litter stores--no getting out to heave around 20 lb bags? Well, I am too broke and not commercially oriented to do it, but what if I could sell the idea?

You see where I am going here.

According to the WSJ of Sept 30, 2013 (you need to get it, I am just hitting the high spots), 43.5% of Americans saw a business opportunity last year, way up from previous years.

But only 55.9% of Americans, the same as in past years, think they are capable of launching a business.

The percent of Americans who didn't launch because they feared failure is way up, too.

Here's a secret: The next step after an idea is not necessarily launching a startup. Sssh--don't tell.

But--before doing anything--inventors should protect the idea, usually meaning get a patent.

You might also want to do a prototype. Or do a survey--who would want it?

Then see what companies have gone into products or ideas like yours.

You may wish to approach companies one at a time--some want exclusivity.

Or you might want to license--say it's an item that won't be replaced soon--you want part of every sale.

Or if it would help all mankind--maybe give your idea away.

I guess I already gave away drive-through kitty litter. And, of course, it would help mankind. Maybe I could make money naming it--come on, entrepreneurs, be a sport.

Let's see, Kitty, give me a minute. Something with Toonces--the Cat Who Can Drive a Car.

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  1. I am on fire! How about Valet Cat--a cute guy in a bowtie puts it in your car.


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