Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Too much awready?

Microsoft is going gangbusters thinking of new ways we can live, work and play.

They have created an Envisioning Center and a video about the house of the future.

You can see this video at: http://www.govtech.com/e-government/How-Will-Technology-Change-Our-Lives.html.

This spare, modern home, with well-scrubbed Asian-American family members, was writhing with wall-size videos, including Grandma reading a story to the youngsters from her own home--and the story being acted out on another wall.

Then the Dad goes to the fridge and asks it to inventory its own contents and suggest a meal he could make.

Jeez--make a sandwich, guy, bread and something in between. Of course, you'd have to open the fridge to see what appealed.

I stay home all the time--what if my house were thinking away for things I could do--or things it thinks it could do for me.

I would go nuts.

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