Sunday, March 24, 2013

Revenge of the geeks

Harmony Huskinson, Arizona Republic, Mar 23, 2013, writes about two suburbs of Phoenix that held geek appreciation days.

In Chandler, it was called The Chandler Science Spectacular and in Tempe, Geeks Night Out.

Ah, how far we have come from flushing heads down toilets and pantsing the smarties.

Don't forget--the Number One TV show is THE BIG BANG THEORY, in which the term particle physics has been mentioned.

Twenty percent of the jobs in Tempe are tech-based. These jobs typically pay well and raise the bar in an entire community.

Intel, General Motors' innovation center, countless household word companies are coming to the Valley of the Sun. Eat your heart out, California. CA has Silicon Valley and now Chandler is trying to dub itself Silicon City.

And you know what's also pretty neat to recall--all high tech is not "creative." Even if you don't know a God Particle from a dust bunny, you can be creative in other disciplines, too--all it takes is that spark to bring into being something that never existed before.

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