Saturday, February 2, 2013

One-stop for self-publishing

Kevin Downey, Arizona Republic, Jan 30, 2013, writes about a local conference held in Phoenix for anyone who is writing a book or thinking about it.

It's the Indie Author Publishing Conference & Pitchapalooza. Why not throw one where you live?

Publishing is so balkanized these days--big majors, self-publishing print, digital, and so on. No one knows what to do--and going to Google just increases the confusion.

Sponsored by a book store here (Changing Hands), this "do" is a day-long event. Featured are a thriller author, Landon J Napoleon ("Zigzag"), an acquisition manager at a traditional publisher, someone on bookkeeping for authors, someone on working with designers, someone else on working with editors.

The Pitchapalooza gives everyone a chance to make a one-minute pitch to publishing experts. Names are drawn from a hat--and 20 people will get the nod.

I think this is a neat idea--and if you have a book idea, a great opportunity.

But I also think you could wrestle one of these together where you live. Everyone has one book in them, or so they say.

If I could add one thing? A session on audiobooks. I can no longer read books and must listen. This is an art--and more and more authors are hiring their own narrators.

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