Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ah, the joys of risk

I rented a documentary called OFFICIAL REJECTION that rocketed me back to the past faster than a Madeleine frosted with steroids.

This dandy little doc recounts the trials of indie filmmakers Paul Osborne and Scott Storm (mostly Scott--that's him in the pix) in getting their film TEN TIL NOON into various film festivals over a year's time.

Rent it at Netflix--it's a winner, despite the title.

I wrote a short called OMNIFAX that I coproduced with Ross Stansfield and which won a Telly. Every year, we had taken Amtrak from DC to NY to the Independent Film Market and watched films. Then it was our turn--OMNIFAX, the story of a hard-bitten lawyer who started receiving mysterious faxes, showed one Saturday morning.


I remember the shoot in downtown DC--the police directing traffic all day for us--100 extras---we even provided craft services, meaning food--and t-shirts!

Ross has made many films since--and so has his son Brian, who entered the family business big time.

My point is--creativity is all around you...People are slaving to express themselves--slaving, crying, going into debt, and exulting.

Go to film festivals! Go to book signings. Read, view, appreciate, praise. Creatives would be nowhere without you. What the heck--here's the Telly (yes, it lost a wing over time).

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  1. Cool. Never saw an actual telly.
    You SHOULD be proud!


If this is for some stupid black market pill, you are not being very creative..